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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Prop 8, no hate

Everyone is talking about Prop 8 and since I have nothing else to talk about I figured I might as well too.

     America is the land of the free so why marriage equality for all people is such an issue is beyond my comprehension. Employers, businesses, and schools are not allowed to judge us because of our religion, race, or sexual orientation. Yet, in most states couples who are not straight are denied the rights as straight married couples when it comes to taxes, medical authority and many other things because they can't get married. How can we set a standard for oppressive nations if we are being oppressive?

     Now I was raised Christian and believe in God. If one wants to take on the righteous holier than thou attitude, then yes homosexuality is a sin. Then again so is premarital sex and most people seem to not care that everyone is basically having sex before they get out of high school. Or what about alcohol? Constantly getting drunk is a sin too. Or what about body modification? Tattoos and piercing are also sins. I could go on and on about sinning but what it comes down to is this: 1. Somewhere in the bible (not sure where because I suck at remembering those things) it says that all sins are equal in Gods eyes. Which means whether you murder someone or disobey your parents it's the same thing. Not that I'm saying go murder somebody. 2. The Old Testament is full of laws. There's basically nothing one can do not to sin. It's human nature to sin. Jesus died on the cross to erase our sins. So I'm not really sure why people get so caught up in the homosexuality part of the bible. I think a lot of Christians would be much better Christians if they left the judging up to God and focused more on love. 1 John 3:23 “And this is his command: to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another as he commanded us.” To all the Christian people out there who hate gay people: WWJD? Probably not bash them, just sayin'. 

     Besides the whole religion argument there's the whole children-need-to-have-a-mom-dad argument. I think children need love and support. Do they grow up to be better people if they have 2 parents? Maybe. But I'm pretty sure the sex of the parents doesn't matter. I was raised by my mother as my dad was M.I.A. most of the time and I think I'm an okay person. Hypothetically though, if my mom were a lesbian and raised me with another woman who was there my whole life it would have been better than having a dad who chose not to fulfill his duties. A lot of kids nowadays are growing up in divorce and single parent homes. I'm not saying gay people aren't going to get divorced but I'm saying it doesn't matter which 2 people are raising kids as long as they stick out their commitment and raise the kids in a nurturing environment. And honestly, wouldn't it better for children of homosexual couples to be raised in a married home then to wonder why their parents can't get married like everyone else? 

     It's time for marriage equality, if for no other reason then America has actual problems to be working on. Like poverty, hunger, education and so on. Who somebody loves is nobody elses business, it needs to be a non-issue. If you're a straight person, unless your parents are gay, marriage is not going to directly impact you or your children. This is no different than people of color wanting to marry white people 60 years ago. We can not control who people love and want to spend their lives with but what we can do is accept it and make this country a better place. And maybe in 100 years a little kid with 2 mommies or daddies won't feel any different than someone with just a mom and a dad because it'll be accepted by so many more people in years to come.  

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