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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Love we Could Have

I've been busy lately working on a few writing projects hence my absence here. Plus I never know what to write but I have been thinking about the idea of love a lot lately and it's national poetry month so here's a poem I wrote a few weeks ago. Not all my poems make fairy-tale references but I used to watch Disney movies like an addict and somehow they have been sneaking into my poetry lately.

Today I’d like to have your love
Not the perfect love that danced through my childhood fantasies
But not the dysfunctional love I grew up witnessing
I don’t want the late night fights,
The angry words we can’t erase,
My scars appearing and causing space between us

But all I am is product of my youth
And my youth was filled with the love that lies
And the love that tells the truth of fairy-tales
I can’t hold you to any of those extremes
Which kills me because today I want your love
And those are the only types I know

I want that love where we grow together not apart,
Where we fight but not enough to turn heat into ice,
Where we trust each other and don’t look for the cracks where lies hide
I want it because I need it
And for once the whispers of want and need in my head say the same things

I’m not asking you to be my Prince Charming
And the dress of Cinderella won’t fit me
But I want the old age
Flickering yellow flame
Beautiful but not vain
Type of love that makes others say “I want that one day”

It sounds insane but we could be that flame that never dies
I just need you to give me a try

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