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Friday, March 1, 2013

Like a blogger posting for the very first time...

(For all intents and purposes I actually had/have another blog but it's 90% pictures and I haven't posted in at least a year, ergo it doesn't count) 

     People have been telling me for years that I need to write a book about my life but I don't think anyone would read it. I don't think anyone will read this either but since I am trying to become a successful writer I suppose blogging is a logical step. Anyone that knows me well, knows that apart from my diva antics and cocky attitude I'm hard on myself. I'm hard on my looks, my personality, my level of intelligence, any talent I posses including my writing. I've always thought “If there's 7 billion people in the world somebody has to [insert verb here], better than I can.” But if I ever want to get anywhere in life that's no way to think. Maybe I'll never be one of the best writers of my time, but I'll never be the worst. I've already had some of my work professionally published. So where does my harsh self-critique stem from? Everyone was born with a skill-set, I was born with a skill-set. No one else will ever write the exact way I do. I'm content with never being the best or the worst because that means I have room to grow and encouragement to fall back on. I am me and that's enough. I think that's why I'm ready to start a blog and let the world or just the few people that might end up reading this, see my work. 

     I've never been the type of girl to keep a diary or journal. My diary has always been my brain, nobody could sneak and read that. But this could be like my diary, I'll just keep my x-rated thoughts, insipid daily activities, and other such key things out. After all what is a woman without her secrets? I'm uber (I don't know how to do an umlaut over the “u,” somebody help me)  random so expect to see anything from my thoughts on religion to celebrity gossip to food porn I've created to my thoughts on what it's like to be someone with a disability. Anything really. And if you have something you want me to write about, just tell me please. I'm honestly doing this blog to push myself to write more often and more eloquently. I'm also doing it to show people that I'm not an angel. I'm not just the young lady in a wheelchair. I'm not a cold, stuck up bitch just because it takes me awhile to warm up to people. I'm not anything but me, Allegra Keys. (Oh look, I made an accidental rhyme. Don't you love those?!). I'm also corny, sarcastic, and a whole bunch of other things. If you read enough of my posts you'll see what I mean. Toodle-loo for now!

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